Breccia, Javier


BRECCIA, JAVIER INCITAP -CONICET-UNLPam- La Pampa, Argentina Javier D. Breccia currently head of INCITAP Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences of La Pampa at CONICET- National University of La Pampa. The main background of the lab is on microbial glycoside hydrolases (GH). Looking for GH with potential applications, some rare GH were reported. e.g. The fungal diglycosidase that deglycosylate the flavonoid hesperidin in one single reaction. It was recognized by the NC-IUBMB as new reaction with the entry number EC This enzyme belongs to family GH5 subfamily 23 as most fungal diglycosidases reported and interestingly, it is able to transfer residues of rutinose to aromatic OH-groups broadening the applications of this bio-catalyst. Recently we reported a bacterial diglycosidase that belongs to family GH55, the first prokaryotic diglycosidase and first inverting diglycosidase, with high potential in food processing. The group is continuously synthesizing and evaluating a panel of glycosylated compounds and expanding the GH toolbox